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Dr. Randall C. Morgan, MD
Orthopedic Surgery, Orthopedic Pediatric Surgery
Sarasota, FL

“As a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, the EZ LiftVest has my personal endorsement.  In my professional experience there have been countless patients who have been re-admitted to the hospital after suffering complicated factures due to falls, thereby requiring surgical intervention.  In my opinion, the EZ LiftVest would be very beneficial to patients, staff members and caregivers assisting individuals with ambulation and transfers.”



Kim and Ken

Lakewood Ranch, FL

I was leery of the EZ Lift Vest when I first learned about it.  All we knew about at the hospital was the gait belt.  But we decided to give it a try because I thought there should be something better than a gait belt.  This vest is definitely better.


Ken said he feels more secure in it.  I like the fact that I can grab anywhere on his torso when a fall is imminent or he is off balance.  The first day we used it, I was an instant fan when he tried to get out of bed and started falling backward.  I was facing him and grabbed the upper front handles to save him from falling backward onto the bed which would have jarred his (new “store bought” as he calls it) hip.



Thank you so much for creating such a useful product that helps keep people safe!

Susan Allen
Miami Shores, FL

“I ordered the EZLift Vest for use with an elderly mentally handicapped person and found it to be great. He is not very cooperative and tends to push back as you are lifting or pulling forward. The difference between a regular transfer belt and the EZLift is amazing. His doctor saw us use it and thought it was the best device he had seen. We didn’t measure correctly and had to return and reorder the vest. The company was extremely helpful and worked hard to solve our problem. I highly recommend the EZLift Vest and JP Healthcare Solutions
Thanks again.”

Mel and Cherry Pettis
Sarasota, FL

“Thanks to the EZ LiftVest, it is much easier to lift my wife Cherry, who has had Parkinson for 8 years.  No strains on Cherry and no pain on me.  Mel Pettis (married 63 years)”

Bob Gilliam
Lakewood Ranch, FL

“I have severe back pain.  The JP Healthcare EZ Lift Vest is very user friendly in that regard.  It is a light material and well constructed.  It does not have the appearance of a medical  device and I would be comfortable wearing it in public with a shirt and tie.”

Ruthann G. Shelton, M.S.N., F.N.C.
Executive Director

Alzheimer's Day Services of Memphis, Inc.
“Ms. Foster and I discussed her desire to conduct a controlled clinical trial at our facility.  The EZ Lift Vest is well constructed, made of durable, high quality materials, which provide a tactile and security need for transferring and supervising mobility of our Friends.

We loved the vest and the family members love it as well.  My staff used it on a patient and the fit was very good for him.  The staff was able to lift him with ease, he weighs close to 200 pounds, and the vest was very comfortable for him as well as the staff member during lifting maneuvers.

By utilizing the EZ Lift Vest, which offers multiple handles on the front, back and sides, our caregivers could move from a 2 person assist to a one person assist. It also works well supporting Friends and loved ones while walking, providing added security, and control; reducing the fear of falling.

I cannot say enough good things about this vest.  I whole heartedly endorse this product."

Michael Rubin

St. Louis, MO

"Our special needs son who is now 42 has on occasion needed some help with using a gait belt. But, this past Thanksgiving our son slipped in house and broke his leg and required surgery. The recovery has been very slow and very tough with assisting this grown young man with mobility. Then we saw your EZ Lift Vest. At first I thought it would make little difference. But, how wrong was I. This vest allows me to walk behind our son and assist him in walking and right him regardless of how he is leaning. This is due to great construction of the vest and the many fabric handles to grab on. This has saved my back over and over and our son enjoys this far better than a gait belt. I can transfer him in and out of car far easier now and manage him while bathing, cleaning and toileting. My deepest appreciation to you and your staff for your diligent well thought out work."

Dennis Beske

Horicon, WI

I used the vest during turkey hunting.  After sitting in a chair all day, getting up is very difficult for me.  With the vest, my brother was able to pick me right up. I need to get low to get in and out of my tent.  My brother was able to hold on to one strap and get me in and out much easier. My arms and body don’t ache when I am lifted.  My brother said it worked good also. In the picture, I am wearing the vest under my camouflage coat. Now I need it to warm up and see how it will work getting me in and out of my boat.


Thanks Willie, it’s great!

Glenn Corback

Pompano Beach, FL

"I have been in the client service part of the investment business for 37 years and can tell you that your effort and professionalism is among the finest I have ever seen.  Congratulations!"


Dorothy McCormack
Columbia, Tennessee

We recently purchased your lift vest. It is the best spent money we've ever made. It makes handling my 93 year old mother so much easier for us and easier on her at the same time. You get a big thumbs up from us.

Dr. Randall C. Morgan, MD

Kim and Ken 1.jpg
Kim and Ken 2.jpg

Kim and Ken

Bob Gilliam

Ruthann Shelton, MSN, FNC

Michael Rubin1.jpg
Michael Rubin2.jpg

Michael Rubin

Dennis Beske1.jpg

Dennis Beske wearing the EZ Lift Vest underneath his hunting jacket


Dorothy McCormack

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