Considerations For Use

The EZ Lift Vest is designed to provide assistance to the caregiver or family member during times of ambulation, transferring and repositioning of a patient or loved one. It is important for healthcare professionals, caregivers and/or family members to read and completely understand the considerations for use guidelines before using this product. A patient evaluation by a healthcare provider is also recommended.


Considerations For Use Guidelines

  • The ability of the patient or loved one to bear weight when standing or walking.

  • The level of assistance may require one or more caregivers.

  • The ability of the patient or loved one to understand the use of the EZ Lift Vest and their willingness to cooperate.

  • To avoid unintentional falls, non-slip shoes should be worn by the patient or loved one and also the caregiver.

  • The weight of the patient should not exceed 250 lbs.

  • Clothing should be worn under the EZ Lift Vest to prevent skin irritations and abrasions.

  • A medical condition, prescribed or over the counter medications for the patient may impede the use of the EZ Lift Vest during lifting activities.


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October 15, 2019

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