EZ Lift Vest Hand Grip Components

The EZ Lift Vest is designed to be worn over clothing and has a total of 11 hand grip components which were designed for security, ease and convenience during lifting, transferring and repositioning.

Front Hand Grip Components

Four (4) hand grips are situated on the front of the vest:


  • Right and left upper chest

  • Right and left mid-frontal area


Rear Hand Grips Components
Five (5) hand grips are situated on the back of the vest:


  • Right and left upper shoulder

  • Right and left mid-back  

  • One lower middle section


Hip Hand Grips
Two hand grips are situated on the right and left hip area of the vest:
•  Right hip hand grip

•  Left hip hand grip

The hand grip components chosen will depend on the height of the caregiver and the height of the patient. You have the option to choose which hand grips are more comfortable for you.


The weight of the patient will determine how much force or physical exertion will be required by the caregiver with each lifting maneuver (see videos or written instructions).



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October 15, 2019

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