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About The EZ Lift Vest
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The EZ Lift Vest is a simple user-friendly manual patient lift device that is versatile and efficient in the use of time and space and designed to assist individuals at risk for unintentional falls, skin tears and bruising.

Problems with walking, balance and coordination are often caused by specific conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, Cerebral Palsy, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson's disease, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury and others.

When caring for an individual with unstable coordination, the EZ Lift Vest provides the caregiver with leverage, balance and controlled patient lifting eliminating the "arm pit" lift, the "back of the pants" lift and the "bear hug" lift, offering safer patient handling.  The risk of shoulder, wrist and back injuries are minimized because of the minimal physical exertion required during most lifting maneuvers.


The EZ Lift Vest is a one-piece, unisex garment with a front zippered closure that enwraps the entire upper torso of the patient. During a lift maneuver, the unique design of the EZ Lift Vest allows the pressure of the lift to be evenly distributed around the body and concentrated along the middle and upper back, away from the neck, arms, and shoulder joints, providing complete back support during lifting, transferring and repositioning maneuvers.

The EZ Lift Vest offers multiple hand grip components; four (4) on the front, five (5) on the back and one on each side of the waist. The hand grips provide balance, control, leverage and the proper weight distribution to help lift and transfer a patient or loved one securely, comfortably and with ease. The EZ Lift Vest also provides four (4) adjustable contour straps; two (2) inside the interior vest which are hidden when vest is zipped, and two (2) on the back of the vest. The contour straps provide a tapered, secured and comfortable fit and prevents the vest from shifting during lifting ( pictured on order page).

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The hand grip components are comprised of heavy-duty webbing sewn in straight lines with circle stitching added to ensure sturdiness and durability during maneuvers. The well-structured multi-functional transfer vest can perform at least eight different transfer maneuvers and provides the patient or loved one with a comfortable and secure transfer experience.  The right front pocket provides added convenience.

The fabric of the EZ Lift Vest is made of a poly cotton twill which is lightweight, breathable, durable and sturdy. These quality features allows for the patient or loved one to wear the EZ Lift Vest continuously throughout the day. The back of the vest is contoured by design for easy toileting. The fabric of the EZ Lift Vest is CTSIA compliant and Phthalate free.  To clean the EZ Lift Vest, wash in cold water, gentle dry or line dry.


Lifting and Transferring Maneuvers

When performing lifting and transferring maneuvers, the frontal hand grip components chosen will depend on the height of the caregiver and the height of the patient. You have the option to choose which hand grips are more comfortable for you.


With maneuvering techniques, the weight of the patient or loved one will determine how much physical exertion will be required when lifting the patient from a sitting position to a standing position, or transferring from a bed to a chair, chair to chair, wheelchair to chair, wheelchair to bed or wheelchair to car (see videos for instructions). The EZ Lift Vest is most suitable for patients who are moderately mobility challenged and have the ability to stand and bear weight.

Although the EZ Lift Vest is ideal for all segments of the healthcare industry, it can also be beneficial for children and individuals with special needs or disabilities. The EZ Lift Vest can also benefit the many community service providers who frequently encounter fall rescue scenarios and emergency evacuation situations. The EZ Lift Vest is a quick and easy way to transfer and maneuver individuals securely, along with reducing the risk of injury to the individual and the caretaker.


The GRAB Test ASTM 5034 determined the hand grip components of the EZ Lift Vest have a combined maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs and most suited for individuals who have the ability to stand and bear weight. The EZ Lift Vest should be used for stabilization and guidance only and is not intended to hoist a person from the floor.

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