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Choosing a Nursing Home

Tips for Choosing a Nursing Home

One of the hardest and most stressful decisions that you’ll have to make is to entrust the care of a Senior in your life to strangers. When you’re looking for the right nursing home, you must know that proper care will be given, that safety and security are top priorities, and that the quality of life is satisfactory. When you’ve found the perfect nursing home facility you must remain vigilant so that the Senior gets the type of care and attention that you desire.

Do Your Research Diligently

Pay close attention to the following areas which are excellent indicators of the type of care that will be provided for your Senior.

  • What’s the food like? Have a meal to see the type and quality of the food that is being served. It should be attractive, delicious, and prepared in the right manner for your Senior’s diet.

  • Listen to sounds in the nursing home environment. Do you hear moans or cries for help? Pay attention to how the staff members address the residents. Staff members should respect the residents in their care by calling them by their preferred name.

  • Notice the smells that are prevalent in the nursing home. Medications can cause gassiness and some residents don’t have control of their bowels and bladders but if you smell stale urine or the stench of feces regular cleaning may not be occurring.

  • What kind of activities do you see residents participating in? Excellent nursing homes will have a stated calendar of events in which your Senior may participate.

  • Ask how a fall will be handled, how bedsores are addressed, and how personal needs are met by the staff on duty. You should know when you will be notified, how many staff members are employed at the facility, and how staff members interact with each other.

Factors to Consider

Another factor to be considered as you choose a nursing home is the location. Choose a facility that is closest to the family member who will be an advocate for the Senior living in the nursing home.

Also ask about the cost of services and what types of insurance and payment is accepted. During this part of the process you’ll want to read any long term care policies that you have and research how Medicare will assist with the cost.

Making sure that the nursing home can handle the special care requirements that your Senior has is very important. You should ask detailed questions so that you will know how dementia, respiratory care, and mobility issues will be addressed.

Make notes of how you felt about each nursing home that you visited, how the administrative team treated you, and how well the staff is trained to care for your Senior. Making the right decision will provide your Senior with quality care and you with confidence and peace of mind in your choice.

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