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Assisted Living

Not Your Great Grandma’s Old Folks Home

There’s a stigma in the mind of many Senior adults who think of Assisted Living Facilities as the Old Folk’s Home of days gone by. Many of them believe that moving out of their own homes is a move toward losing independence and just one step closer to death.

Some Seniors can be accommodated with in-home healthcare and a monitor that alerts family members and emergency services that they need assistance.

But after the death of a spouse or when failing health begins to impact their quality of life, it’s time to explore options with an Assisted Living Facility.

The Benefits of Assisted Living

Today’s Assisted Living Facilities are warm and inviting places where the benefits help to improve the quality of life for Seniors. Seniors can thrive and be quite comfortable in these home-like settings. The benefits of living in an Assisted Living Facility include:

  • They don’t have to keep up their home or lawn

  • They have medical assistance should they need it

  • The food served in Assisted Living Facilities is nutritious, good quality, and they have choices of meals and snacks

  • They can make many new friends and participate in a host of interesting activities

Presenting the Idea of Assisted Living to Your Senior

Many times the care of aging relatives takes a toll on caregivers who are stressed between their own family responsibilities and those of Senior care. It’s important to convince them in a slow, methodical way that moving to an Assisted Living Facility is a good idea. Use some of the tips below to make the case that it’s an idea worth exploring.

  • Plant a seed and give your Senior time to think about the idea. It shouldn’t be idea alone; get buy-in from them.

  • Suggest taking a tour of a nearby facility so they can see what it’s like not what they it is. Don’t be pushy; if they don’t want to go immediately, wait until another opportunity arises.

  • Use teachable moments to bring up the idea. When a fall occurs or medication is missed use the event as an opportunity to suggest visiting a local Assisted Living Facility.

  • Find others who have friends or relatives in an Assisted Living Facility and bring up their satisfaction with living there.

  • Always mention safety. Remember to be sensitive and let them know that you are worried about their health and well being.

The Costs of Assisted Living Facilities

This is where you’ll have to do your homework. Consider what types of services that you want and the location that will work best for you. The cost of Assisted Living will vary from place to place even in your own town. Explore the base rate and what it includes; having a roommate can reduce the cost considerably. You’ll want to ask about meals, the security deposit, and veteran’s benefits that may be available.

Armed with research, reliable information, and a budget, you and your Senior will find just the right place for them to enjoy their lifestyle and new friends.

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